The help page for the SmartCut App

The most common issues are unit based, please read that section first.


Units must...

  • Be a single type, such as millimeters or inches
  • Be used consistently throughout
  • Not use notation

See the table below for examples

Ok Unit Notes
10.5 Select Decimal from the Options tab
10 1/2 Select Fraction from the Options tab
10 1/2' Do not use notation
3' 2" Convert to inches, do not use notation
3' 2.5" Convert to inches, do not use notation
3' 2 1/2" Convert to inches, do not use notation

Side labels

When describing the sides of the stock or parts, each side has a label for easy reference. These are used for edge banding, trim and anywhere you need to indicate a particular side.

  • L1 & L2 are the longer sides (Length)
  • W1 & W2 are the shorter sides (Width)
Sides of stock or parts

This was updated in app version >1.8.7.

Decimal / fractions

You can choose your desired input format using the Options tab at the top of the screen.

If using fractions, use the a format like 10 1/2 with no symbols or notation

What does L / W / Q stand for?

Length / Width / Quantity

Zero part / stock message

If you're getting this message, you need to populate the Q (quantity) boxes, even if you just need a single item.

Can I import from spreadsheet?

Please use Cutlist Evolution.

Where can I get more features?

You can upgrade from within the app, or more functionality designed for professional workshops is available at Cutlist Evolution.

What are the limitations of the free app?

The number of parts, stock and projects are limited.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please use the official documentation: For iOS.

How do I delete my account?

Head to the Options tab, from there you can access and delete your account. All traces of you will be removed, including your projects.

Where can I read the privacy policy or terms of use?

Please use the links below.

Privacy policy

Apple terms of use

How can I get in touch?

Please email me for suggestions or feedback.


If you've found a bug or having trouble please email me.

Please don't leave a bad review until I've had a chance to fix it, the app may not not be perfect.