The help page for the free SmartCut App

The most common issues are unit based, please read thast section first.


Units must...

  • Be a single type, such as millimeters or inches
  • Be used consistently throughout
  • Not use notation

See the table below for examples

Ok Unit Notes
10.5 Select Decimal from the Options tab
10 1/2 Select Fraction from the Options tab
10 1/2' Do not use notation
3' 2" Convert to inches, do not use notation
3' 2.5" Convert to inches, do not use notation
3' 2 1/2" Convert to inches, do not use notation

Decimal / fractions

You can choose your desired input format using the Options tab at the top of the screen.

If using fractions, use the a format like 10 1/2 with no symbols or notation

What does L / W / Q stand for?

Length / Width / Quantity

Zero part / stock message

If you're getting this message, you need to populate the Q (quantity) boxes, even if you just need a single item.


If you've found a bug or having trouble please email us.

Please don't leave a bad review until I've had a chance to fix it - I'm just a one man team trying to make a free community app, it might not be perfect.

Can I import from spreadsheet?

Please use Cutlist Evolution.

Where can I get more features?

More functionality designed for professional workshops is available at Cutlist Evolution.