Cutlist Optimizer App

Cut list optimizer for iOS / iPhone

SmartCut calculates efficient cut list diagrams for your sheet & linear materials.

It reduces waste and will save you money.

Works with plywood, MDF, glass, plastic, metal, fabric or any other material.

Powered by an intelligent algorithm which is faster and more efficient than software costing thousands.

Part inputs


Most calculations complete within one second - faster than any other tool


Benchmarks show SmartCut can be 10% more efficient than other apps

Battle tested

Built on the rock solid SmartCut API, which calculates thousands of layouts per day

Part and stock inputs


  • Fast, accurate algorithm
  • Rip & cross-cut options
  • Trim parts & stock
  • Edge banding
  • Quick & easy
  • Fractions & decimal
  • Linear or sheet materials
  • Lock to grain direction
  • Export to PDF
  • Stacks identical layouts
Examine a cut
We designed the new iPhone around SmartCut. It's that good.
Tim Cook - Apple